November 18, 2023, New Jersey – The 1804 Fund for Academic Persistence achieved a significant milestone at the 8th Gala Haïti Première Classe, where our president Edouard Staco was honored with an international recognition award for his significant impact on academic persistence. This distinction highlights the collective effort and dedication of all those who contribute to the mission of the 1804 Fund.

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to our donors, volunteers, as well as prominent members of the Board of Directors for their unwavering commitment and continuous support.

This award not only represents recognition of our collective efforts but also serves as a call to continue working towards a stronger and more just Quebec and Canada.

We also thank the team at Haïti Première Classe for their recognition and support. Their work is essential in highlighting positive initiatives within the Haitian diaspora and beyond.

Special thanks are extended to elected officials from the greater New York region, Mercedes Narcisse, Rita Joseph, and Carrié Solages, for their recognition through certificates, reinforcing the importance of the work done by the 1804 Fund in the community.